Why Fundraising?

As young girls, we benefited from participating in sports programs that had a huge impact on our lives.  Because of this, we’re offering an exciting opportunity for your organization or team to raise money.   We want to help ensure future female athletes have the same opportunities we had, and we’re ready to help you. These programs provide exercise, self-esteem, lessons in teamwork and friendship, and are most importantly - fun!  Read on about how we can help.

Good luck & Have fun!!

Annie and Sheeva


Sports Teams, Schools, Non-Profit Organizations

HOW IT WORKS                       

We provide you with packs of our popular Lollies hair ties and headbands made from swim fabric remnants. We provide bags of hair ties and headbands for each participant, they collect money for each sale, and after the fundraiser ends (typical run time of 1-2 weeks), we collect the extra product and give 25% of sales back to the team!

Note: This is a similar concept to selling candy bars, coupon books or donuts, and it works. Girls love our hair ties!


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We want to hear all about how successful your fundraising has been!  If you have a success story, email us at [email protected] and we may share it with the community on our website or Facebook page.