Spread Joy.  Its simple, and its our mission.  We love a good surprise and delight, and we're pretty sure we aren't alone on that sentiment!  that why we make it our mission to give away hair ties, period.  It could happen in the street, in your mailbox, in your locker at spin class - the options are only limited by our imagination.  Giving feels good, so keep your eyes open for a braided pick me up - you never know when we could surprise you!

Lollies were created by mistake in 2011 after Lo Swim swimwear designers cut and braided unused fabric scraps in an attempt to add color to an all black swimwear shoot. After being approached multiple times that week regarding the ties on their wrists, they knew that a new product had been born.   

Lollies are made with upcycled swim suit fabric, and act as a long lasting, minimum crease ponytail holder, and when not in use, blend perfectly into any bracelet stack.  We are motivated by a belief in beautiful design, and are so lucky to be able to provide small, pretty details to our customers' everyday style.